Moorpark AYSO Region 363 Spring Skills League - Season Three

5/5/2014 - 6/7/2014
Arroyo Vista Park
4550 Tierra Rejada Rd, Moorpark, CA 93021

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 Session NameMin AgeMax AgeStart TimeEnd TimePrice 
U6 Boys Monday 4pm & Saturday 9am564:00 PM5:00 PM$90.00
U6 Boys Tuesday 5pm & Saturday 9am565:00 PM6:00 PM$90.00
U6 Girls Monday 4pm & Saturday 10am564:00 PM5:00 PM$90.00
U6 Girls Tuesday 5pm & Saturday 10am565:00 PM5:00 PM$90.00
U8 Boys Monday 5pm & Saturday 11am785:00 PM6:00 PM$90.00
U8 Boys Wednesday 4pm & Saturday 11am784:00 PM5:00 PM$90.00
U8 Girls Monday 5pm & Saturday 1pm785:00 PM6:00 PM$90.00
U8 Girls Wednesday 4pm & Saturday 1pm784:00 PM5:00 PM$90.00
U10 Boys Monday 6pm & Saturday 2pm9106:00 PM7:00 PM$90.00
U10 Boys Tuesday 4pm & Saturday 2pm9104:00 PM5:00 PM$90.00
U10 Girls Monday 6pm & Saturday 3pm9106:00 PM7:00 PM$90.00
U10 Girls Tuesday 4pm & Saturday 3pm9104:00 PM5:00 PM$90.00
U12 Boys Tuesday 6pm & Friday 4pm11125:00 PM6:00 PM$90.00
U12 Boys Wednesday 5pm & Friday 4pm11125:00 PM6:00 PM$90.00
U12 Girls Tuesday 6pm & Friday 5pm11126:00 PM7:00 PM$90.00
U12 Girls Wednesday 5pm & Friday 5pm11125:00 PM6:00 PM$90.00

Please contact (866) 757-9561 for further information


  • -      The day and times above mark the training session day and time followed by the game day and time.
  • - Team assignments will be based on the training time chosen.  Not all players training at the same time will be on the same team however but will play and train at the same time and place every week.
  • - If you have a specific friend request (limited to one per player) please send an email to the address above labeled "Moorpark friend request" and ensure you give full names of both children.  Both sets of parents must be in the same training time and send the email to guarantee placement on the same team.
  • - Players do not need to contact the coach if they are going to miss one session or game.  There will be no games during the Spring Break Week of March 24 - 28.  Spring Skills Players can attend the Spring Break Camp for HALF PRICE!  When finished click "register for another program" for Spring Camp details.
  • - Players should sign up for the age group they were eligible to play in Fall of 2013.  For example U6 is for players born on or between 08/01/07 - 07/31/09.  U8 = 08/01/05 - 07/31/07.  U10 = 08/01/03 - 07/31/05.  U12 = 08/01/01 - 07/31/03.


       This Program is an 8 week soccer program that involves one training session and one game each week. The Program focuses on developing the individual technical ability of each player with emphasis on ball familiarity, dribbling, individual moves, turns & tricks.  Each week players will compete in organized games where they will put into practice the skills they have worked on in their training sessions. The small-sided games will maximize the contact that each player has with the ball and in turn provide the maximum opportunity for skill development.  Each child will be assigned a World Cup team, receive a team jersey and an individual skills analysis at the end of the season. The program culminates with a fun tournament week, allowing the players to show parents what they have learned over the course of the program!



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